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Jun 6, 2013

Wicked Wednesday and Photography - Life in Monochrome

Finally it's the long awaited Wicked Wednesday! Wednesday, if I am a bear and you are standing right before me, I would love to give you a generous bone-crushing bear hug *HUGS* with a jar of Hundred-Acre Wood Honey stolen from Pooh.

Today marks the second phase of my internship at one of the youngest and well-loved start-ups in Singapore! I'll give you a clue, it's a major online fashion retailer, founded not long ago in our sunny metropolis by a young team of international talents.

If you've been to the Walkabout Singapore 2013, you might have seen me behind the scenes busy photo-journal-ing the extravaganza in my company!

All right, I'll put work aside and delve into what I have in mind for this Wicked Wednesday post.

As a photographer (disclaimer: amateur photographer), I'm always eager, impatient and obsessive about experimental shoots. But the truth is happinees only hit me when I manage to capture something unexpected, or happen to get what I camped for. And when I say camp, I literally meant loitering around the  potential scene of "crime" in order to capture just one perfect shot. That includes getting looks and stares from our very busy Singaporean public. But that, has always been a pretty good experience. Learning to pace myself and let my steps fall in line with the moments that capture my heart has indeed taught me much since I first begun my compulsive love for photography.

So here's what I have to share, they're mostly from my insane Instagram account - which has been my dumping ground for creative expression since god knows when.

Enjoy the Squarish Pixie Tiles!

Suntec City, 2012

Bishan MRT Station, Where the Crowd Diverges

Personally, I love how the faces were all hooded.

Lobby of NUH on a late evening.

Universal Studios Singapore, I literally lagged behind my pals to capture this shot.

My favourite local Mama Stall Kitty - she's as human as any feline can be.

Yishun Station, on a bright, ethereal morning.

Before the latest Smoke Ban Extension in 2013

Bus 96, departing from National University of Singapore towards Clementi.

There he is, Leonardo DiCaprio - but I was even more curious about the gentleman behind his daily read.

NUS Central Forum. A.K.A. the RAG site. On my way for a 8a.m. Korean lesson. (2012)

On the journey home after a Christmas party. We just watched The Lady in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe.

On a familiar taxi :)

Right before the doors of Isetan, beside Shaw Lido. We were shopping for snacks before catching The Life of Pi.

Star Bucks, Orchad

Our really gorgeous South Korean Palace Guide. Summer 2012.

Payar Lebah station

Laselle School of Arts
Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital, 2011. This, is easily one of my personal favourites. Captured by HTC Desire.

Subway Basker, I watched this gentleman play tirelessly for the crowd as a kid - he didn't get a chance to watch the child I was grew up though. I love his commitment to life, and an undying passion for music.

Making in progress: Tutu Kueh from our beloved Pasar Malam
Which were your favourites?

This is a personal documentation of the people I saw and spaces I've been to in Singapore. Good night peeps, have a wonderful day ahead.


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