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Jun 4, 2013

Asiana Airlines and CJ Hostel

Credits to my Tumblr and Instagram
I JUST BOOKED MY DIRECT RETURN AIR TICKET TO KOREA!!! There's only 10 weeks left till exchange :D *confetti shower whoooooooo* I'm SO gonna work hard for my internship. The people there are AWESOME - and one of my fellow intern XQ is flying on the same DAY as me (she's going to Sweden - I know right, Sweden). 

Oh right, the air ticket - it costed me (my mom, because we had to pay via VISA) a total of SGD639.54 and the travel date's from late August to end December - around 5 months? It's not Korean Air, but it's Asiana. What more can I ask for? It's still one of South Korea's major airlines!

I CAN'T believe this is actually happening, everything's accelerating along the trajectory of time at such an incredible speed that I'm literally losing track of what I have to juggle in my clumsy hands. I just received (3rd June) an email from NUS that my Korea University acceptance package is ready for collection (huh, didn't they say it would be delivered to our MAILBOX?)

Thank goodness I have Su with me, she literally helped me through my flight booking (and she'll be collecting my acceptance package for me because I can't afford to take so many leaves)! A year ago I was the calm goddess trying to guide people step by step and making dummy tutorials - now I am the ganjiong spider myself, bitch please.

(Ganjiong - it's a verb from the Hokkien dialect and it simply means jittery, anxious, 긴장해요, 紧张)(Ganjiong Spider is a term I picked up in my Junior College years - it means jittery spider, pretty much a Singlish term and I'm employing it as a self-mocking expression.)

Su is such a wonderful angel, she has helped me out so much and I'm just thankful we'll be travel companions for the coming 5 months! The truth is, it is the people that makes the difference.

On a side note, I plan to return to my beloved "home" in Seoul - HongDae 홍대/ShinChon 신촌 and I'll probably be staying there for a good 4-5 days before moving to Korea University. Hopefully, I'll be able to secure a double room for CJ hostel! Click here to check out the student suite, and here for my favourite guesthouse in Seoul (the first and only guesthouse I stayed in for a few nights and I totally loved it there).

It's SG Time 1:50A.M. and I think it's time to sleep - I'll have to wake up at 7:15A.M. for work. AND OH GAWD, I almost forget it's results day for NUS students tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed, I signed up for Push SMS, which means my poor CAP would probably come beeping in the morning.

잘자! Goodnight <3


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