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Jun 29, 2012

Breath before the Plunge

Take a deep breath because you'll be leaving this little red dot for 3 weeks+
Take a deep breath because you'll be sleeping on your cozy bed and sitting on that cozy chair for one last time.
Take a deep breath and remember the things your loved ones had done, and are still doing for you, because there'll be things you wish to tell them everyday when they are not there with you.
Take a deep breath because you'll be lugging a 10kg luggage around Seoul Incheon Airport up the winding stairs, not to mention the bagpack and the smaller bag...
Take a deep breath because you'll need to speak more korean in 3 weeks than your previous 2 semesters combined.
Take a deep breath because this will be a new adventure, a new beginning. 
Take a deep breath because you WILL get lost.
But sometimes when we get lost, we discover ourselves, we discover new friends and people who will be there for us, and there definitely will be moments that truly take our breaths away.
Take a deep breath- because it IS LIFE that you are breathing, LIFE that you are Living.


All right, the flight is tomorrow midnight eeeeekkkkkkk!!! And I still feel ultra unprepared!!! Shall proceed to online  check in now :) 

Schizer the online check-in services are down, super inefficient >:"(

And guess what my lovely mom bought for me to bring to Korea (for the homestay)(why would I want to bring any of these)? 
DRIED MANGOES! And jackfruit chips, a jar of kaya spread, chocolate, chilli tapioca chips...Seriously my mom is the best <333

Jun 26, 2012

Last Minute Compilation of Research

I would've gone insane if not for my dear Mom, she did SO MUCH FOR ME.
*slap-myself-in-the-face* I can't believe any of these are real, I'm really going to KOREA!!! HAHA, just today, I received an email from AirChina saying there are changes to my flight and I swear, I thought some disaster was boiling in the cauldron! Fortunately, there's only a push-forward of flight by like- 10mins? Phew, chill.

I'm seriously overwhelmed by all the stuff that's happening - whatsapp, twitter, skype, FB, Line and now Kakao talk??? HAHA, I LOVE MY FRIENDS but technology can really suck you dry of Time if you are not careful. Sometimes, I prefer to live life the old-school way, like making my own travel journal <3

Yes, I shall post it here once it's done! Gosh, I realise I have to bring Mackie to Seoul, cos GAPs and module-stuff will be on going while we're in Korea? I'm chucking away all my dreams for psych now, and looking forward to majoring in CNM with a few other friends :) Next semester will be another to remember - how I wish I can be a uni student forever ~ 

Anyway, it's time to print some discount COUPONS from VisitKorea, I'm gonna keep a separate envelope for all the coupons + receipts + tickets <3

Lastly, I need more MONEHHHHH, I'll bleed dry from shopping in Korea, seriously :P

My novel is on hiatus again, but I'm sure I'll return a better author before commencing my other round of revision! 

P.S: I FINALLY GOT AN EVENSTAR (plus the Heart of the Ocean) !!! <33333 I'm going to wear the Evenstar to Korea, to remind myself of a brand new future :)
Jun 25, 2012

Soul Searching before Seoul Searching

I'm here to do a little soul searching, you might not know me, but who cares? I have thoughts and I'll just write it here and then.

I'm sitting before my little com (Mackie) right on the favourite spot of my little home (my writing desk) before a wall-ful of pictures. Pictures of quotes, pictures of words, pictures of people I know and pictures taken by people I wish I could know. This wall may be filled with a messy collage of movie tickets, still life and landscapes but at least it is messed up with things I love. And sometimes I wish time could just stop, like the Narnia clock right before me, stuck at 8.40pm when it's already 12:09AM.

Five intense days came and went and I would often ask myself could I have done more? This five days gave me so many first-s that it seems almost ridiculous to count them.

For the umpteenth time I felt a surge of adrenaline telling me there's not enough time in Life, especially when you are spending it with people you love and people who love you in return.

Life is FRIGGIN short, and I swear I will not regret what I say so make the best out of it, make the most of it, make things happen, see your life unfold by doing the things you love.

Life only happens when you do those things. Things that make your eyes crinkle with smile, things that make the corners of your lips turn up.
Life only happens once, and make it a point to see it at least once a day or maybe once a week or even once a month.

Because Life only happens when you're not measuring it by the number of things you get but when you suddenly realise you have so many things that even a life-time of currency can't exchange for.