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Jun 4, 2013

The Sentimental Cheetah

Editor's Note: This blog has been moved.

Quick doodle with my Wacom Bamboo Manga, Corel Painter Essentials 4.
I'm always itching to start a new blog, motivated by the promise of a new start. Somehow, something about the current blog would not feel right and I would imagine myself abandoning the old one for a fresh beginning. It's like the mark of another chapter in life, you know.

Then again, being sentimental and a big worrier, I would stop myself from discarding the old for the new. And so I have made a decision - I shall focus on building this site - and maybe in time to calm get over the laziness and start to blog for real, with pictures. Because it's going to be a travel log! *wish me luck*

Oh, about the cheetah that appeared in the title - if you happened to click that button up there *points meaningfully* and direct your browser to my Tumblr page - you might have realised that I happened to name my Tumblr (unofficially) the Runaway Cheetah. There's no story behind it, I just love the silly way it sounds.

Too lazy to document every mundane little thing in my peaceful life, my Tumblr pictures are direct stream my overused Instagram account. I swear I post too much there because it is the best mobile application I ever had.

That said, I hope I'll have the discipline to put an entry or two every week when I'm in Seoul. It's so annoying how I always end up saying nothing after blabbering so much about any other thing.


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