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May 15, 2012

Cryptex II

Editor's Note: This blog has been moved.

I really made a Cryptex! If you're a fan of Leonardo Da Vinci, or Dan Brown, or the film << The Da Vinci Code>>- so to speak- then you'll understand how excited I was when I discovered it is possible to make one at home!

My origami cryptex didn't turn out as fantastic as I'd wanted it to be, because the paper card that I used was kinda flimsy.

If I have the machines, PVC pipes or copper pipes I would have tried making better cryptexes...(just Google or Youtube "How to Make a Cryptex", I'm sure those are nicer than mine.)

So after long nights of pondering and digging through my 9-years-worth of junks and gears, I finally picked up the guts to make one myself - I needed guts because I really detest super glue, it lines the bottom of my list. (My faves are glue guns, diamond glaze, pvc glue, glue stick, uhu glue, AB glue...I don't really adore contact glue though :)

And here's the finished product! I didn't exactly follow the steps most people used...( I used parts from correction tapes, key chain rings and plastic containers...) but if you figured out how a cryptex actually works before starting, it makes the assembly and gear-hunt easier. Enjoy! 

P.s: Mona Lisa is not the real code haha <3


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