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Jun 7, 2013

My Acceptance Package from KU and Impending Package from Middle Earth

GAHHHHHH I'm totally having a major break-out, terrible ZITS - why are hormonal changes surges such a    beach? (Whooooops, beach it is)

Back on track, two major things happened today and I'm using them as an excuse to do some pretentious updating (as if I'm a such a conscientious writer). 

1. Package from Middle Earth 
My tarnished replica from Taobao :'(
Quoting some cracked pot's Tumblr (Who's that? Who's that? 누가?), I conquered that the insane woman I was back this afternoon just did something gargantuan and irreparable to my pathetic and possibly anorexic bank account. OUCH.

Please Please Please let the parcel reach my humble doorstep safe and sound, I saved up (actually, no I didn't, I spent it on CN Blue concert) so long for this precioussssss.

Until it's here, I shall keep my mouth shut because the more I talk about it, the more nagging my doubts will be - so annoying! 완전 짜증나! But surely anyone can tell from <---- what this hoohaaaa is about. *Fingers Crossed!*

2. Acceptance Package from Korea University 고려대학교

YES, this is like receiving an owl post from HOGWARTS OMYGAWD! It's totally equivalent to a thousand posts!!! Okay, actually the truth is far from what I originally imagined - I didn't receive it via post, I'll have to thank Su for it.  My beloved new found pal missed her own bus and boarded mine just to pass me the letter she collected from our home faculty. Yes, she's a darling isn't she! I'm so lucky, I know. 

No owl, no holy light of gold shining above me or Four Winds blowing my hair sky-high (imagine the scene when Harry was chosen by his wand) - but the wave of glee still hit me when I finally receive my baby!  Well, actually it's more like my baby's birth cert. I had to go through a semester and a half of administrative hard work! It's practically equivalent to full gestation period by the time I finally reach Korea. Hah. 

Well, that's the end of my rant, I need to finish my drama. I'm watching Lie to Me (2011) - it's not bad, considering the fact that I am starving from KDramas. 

And guess what, it's FRIDAY AGAIN!!! Au Revoir!!!


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