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Jun 16, 2013

Today I'm as HAPPY as Gollum

Editor's Note: This blog has been moved.

I am beyond over the moon. I am beyond happy - what I am experiencing right NOW is total bliss, and the waves of emotions going through my circulation right now is just so real that my happiness is spilling allover the place, too full to be contained, too wild to be tamed - which is why I've decided to share my joy because while you may not know who I am or why I'm so grateful for today, I would still like to share my joy of receiving a hard earn piece of token with you.

And so here I am with a special  post dedicated to all the Middle Earthlings out there.

I've been a LOTR fan since I was around 13-14 years old. I've been dreaming about this for close to eight years and never am I so happy to see something in my mail box on a late Saturday night.

After an amazing island wide film recce trip with my awesome new found friends, my super kind producer pal decided to drive everyone home. (I'll post a special entry about the special places in Singapore that we went to today, but I'll save it for another day) Fatigue would be an extreme major understatement to describe the state of my physical existence as I dragged my way from the bus stop to my block - but when I walked past the contingent of grey looking mail boxes, something lighted within me, like some chemical light bulbs  flickering to live across my synapses.

It was a profound gut feeling, a calling intuition which guided me to my mail box. I took a peak inside and the next moment, I was squealing like a kid and ransacking an earthquake through my bag for my damned keys.

The next moment, this is embarrassing, but I literally hopped around, all the way to my lift and jumped up and down during it's ascent.

I swear I've waited for this for years and years and the real item is definitely, indisputably a gazillion times more magnificent and surreal compared to the replica. This photo does my Evenstar no justice at all. I'm close to tears currently because it is simply what I wanted, all I've wanted for all these years.

Actually, I've been wearing this stupid smile that no one seems to be able to wipe off my face ever since I got home. I hopped around my house, from the room to the living room and then the kitchen and back and froth - this is how happy I was when I got home, showered at the speed of light and unwrapped layers and layers of bubble wrap, plastic wrap, leather pouch and paper wrap - I'm currently still intoxicated with happiness, apologies for the lengthy sentences.

15th June was a magical day well spent with kind, ridiculous, fun-loving people with big hearts and this parcel just make everything, every throat-cuttingly busy bit of my 3-month summer break amazingly worth it. 

Here's a peak of the layers of wrappings that I had to go through - it literally pushed the escalation of excitement to a whole new level. I was 100 percent hyper-active.

HAHA, do you spot my miniature DIY Bag End?
 The mail was sent from the inner city of  Palmerston New Zealand North Island the main city of Manawatu-Wanganui region of North New Zealand and it took approximately 9 days to reach my home.

The packaging was optimal, thoughtful and flawless, with a lovely statement letter and 5 years warranty.

The pendant and chain is right within that tiny zip lock
Can you see the cushion of bubble wrap? The Elven pouch lay within a ziplock, which contained another ziplock encasing the paper-wraped Evenstar. I was practically thrilled to the last moment, because when I unwrapped the carefully enclosed pendant, it was back-facing me. 

I wasn't breathing when my eyes met the heart of the pendant. One word - love at first sight. It was dazzling, it was shimmering - it was clear like the morning dew and sweet like a breath of spring air. Yes, I'm singing praises all over the place now because it was worth the arduous wait. It's my treasure now, and the best thing is that I know it's made for everyday wear. 

The Cubic Zirconia is clear, well-cut like a real diamond with shimmer that shatters and spills out from within like rivulets of light. The seven man-made diamonds are glorious and seamlessly set in sterling silver claws, like myriads of star combined.

I can't explain my love for sterling silver, (especially since mom got me a silver ring 8 years ago), I've always been captivated by silver's soft, lustrous golden glow that  makes me believe that it's the most enchanting metal on earth.

I'm so full, grateful and blessed with beautiful people and things. Enjoy the rest of your day (or night) - the Evenstar has a symbolic meaning for me, and I hope you will find your own version of the Evenstar someday if you haven't.

Here's the link to the official LOTR Jewellery site if you would like to know where I got my coming of age necklace from. I chose its free worldwide shipping services and it obviously did not disappoint me :)

My Tumblr is turning 3 today - it's a really good, good day.


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