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Jun 12, 2013

The Digital Fortress and the Things that are Old

That's Mackie (my old laptop) and a Cup of  Earl Grey Tea
What happens on the web stays on the web. What is graffiti-ed upon the digital fortress remains within the code, blatant and unchanged for all to see - unless you find some way to remove it. Or perhaps if it's taken down by the patrols.

Well, I didn't exactly graffiti-ed anything, but when I did a bit of Googling, I discovered an old relic of mine still floating out there in the ones and zeros - my half-hearted attempt to create a wix website. The subsequent Frankenstein that emerged after a day of self-entertaining - apparently still lurks around the all-seeing digital fortress, trapped in a limbo of decadence.

So much for creating a portfolio back then!

Talk to me about nostalgia - I miss the old school blogger layout so much that I've finally decide to give up the Dynamic Template and settle for a fresh new look! Dynamic was kind of fun to play with, but it's a nasty thing to work on because it lacks support for so many things.

Here's the site I went to for my new template! I figured it was time to repaint my little digital corner before I fly to Korea in August. #Achievementunlocked - I actually managed to edit drop menu by myself! Hehe, finally, the benefits of overcoming my fear of HTML.

It's 12:58 AM, time to sleep? Perhaps I should. A dozen things are going through my mind right now - sponsorships for my non-profit production, module mappings for SEP, KU Scholarships, Lodging, my o-t-w package from New Zealand as well as my Spree from E.L.F!

All right, nights everyone :)


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