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Jun 8, 2013

Saturdays are for Off-duty Delusions and Rants about Hauls

This is the official Saturday that I get to chill at home with an over-dose of off-duty delusion. I woke up at 2 plus in the afternoon (didn't laze much in my bed) and now it's 5:05 pm and I'm completely half awake.

The wordsmith in me is typing this Saturday entry at 50-percent functional mode, the shoppaholic in me is swooning all over my stash of goodies (which mom handed to me this morning) from my latest spree. Here in my family, spree is a family thing and I'm kind of glad my mom is trying her best to ignore my exploding wardrobe? *talk about that later* 

Back to the current train of thought, the do-it-all in me is sulking because I know the delusion is wearing off in a few hours and by the end of dinner, I would be emailing sponsors for our mini production. And on top of that, I'll have to settle accommodations, student visa and bursary woes... this holiday is the epitome of INSANITY. But well, I guess people change under pressure and I'm probably tougher, numb-er, more overworked and probably more accepting towards anything this world cares to offer.

I'm a poly-chromatic time person but somehow I've been compartmentalising my time pretty forcefully this summer. Maybe it's a sign that my Peter Pan syndrome is scattered to the winds? Boooooooo, I don't think I'll ever grow up. At least, I'll NOT be those people you see "chope-ing" seats in the foodcourt in town with stacks of tissue paper, keys or newspapers. 

NEVER, 절대 안 된다. I'm not made for that.

Because I'm so used to multitasking and I'm quite bad at it in terms of relevancy, I shall deviate for the rest of the post and blabber about my latest haul! 

Jelly Shoes!
I've been looking out for a pair of jelly shoes for quite sometime - this is totally NOT a pair of Melissa shoes (which you might otherwise think. Go online and buy the real one.) because the workmanship is so-so and I don't detect any fruity smell? I wonder what kind of ester gives off that sweet, candy-like fragrance! Lesson learnt, do not believe the wonders of marketing, if you think it is a counterfeit good, it probably is -  but ah well, I shouldn't be complaining because it wasn't sold to me at that fat a price tag? MEH. And at any rate, if the bow does fall apart, I have a glue-gun here to save me! All right, all right, judge but keep the verdict to yourself. I'm happy here with a new pair of unnamed jelly shoes. 

The second item that got me really excited is this 완 전 대박이지요?

This, is a pair of printed denim tights which I think I'm still slim enough to pull off - for now. I bought four designs at one go (because it was on sale) and seriously, I really do think they look like real denim even upon close-up scrutiny! But of course, the pockets are a giveaway. I'll NEVER wear a pair of cotton leggings out unless the top fully covers my bottom - because in my opinion, the result is uncomfortable and unsightly. But this motif deceives the eye (like body paint) and I think that's probably yet another option open for how to wear that damned leggings? I'm not talking about tucking in shirts into tights, mind you (that's a disaster)- I'm just happy that my not-so-long-not-so-short tops can finally pair up with leggings!

Here's some tips for wearing a pair of denim tights (probably applicable to printed lights) from Fabsugar

The third item I received was my favourite wardrobe companion! Maxi dress flatters my proportions and in my opinion, I think women of all shapes, sizes and height  look good in it. This is my usual maldrobe attire because maxis are just so comfortable and effortless to pull off. (I'm here to ruin your English. In my wordsmith's dictionary maldrobe is a combination of wardrobe and malfunction) If you plan to use that, link it back to me or it's a serious case of plagiarism. I've even seen bloggers who plagiarised entire posts by WHOLE. Totally unethical.

That said, Happy Saturday everyone! 


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