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May 23, 2013

The Multi-tasking Bug-Eyed Intern and Crappy Blogger

Photo taken from my Instagram
I'm a word smith and a digital marketing intern who recently got addicted to caffeine.

Okay put the daily mug of coffee aside - actually I do have a more specific job and its amazingly rewarding
(if you ignore the failing eyesight part) but because of company ethics - and I REALLY love my company, I'm not going to disseminate anything into the digital fortress - not if I can help it :)

This is the THIRD week of my internship and I can't say I'm not doing what I love everyday - indeed, I just keep writing, keep thinking, keep creating and researching until I'm indefinitely saturated with fashion, style and beauty terms. It's a monstrous galore and I still find myself lacking. BUT the feeling of seeing my works getting publish is awe-so-fantabulous.

I have a pretty different persona when I write for editorials - the witty bit comes out much naturally than I originally expected of myself - but still, if you have 10 deadlines to meet every single working day,  it's not a surprise that one would soon turn into a bug-eyed digital geek from staring at blogs, boutiques, documents and more documents for hours straight.

For real, I'm not going to brag too much about my work because it would sound pointlessly narcissistic - let's just settle with the notion that I'm a crappy blogger who blogs at unearthly hours (like now, it's 1:30 a.m. Singapore time) because she only has less than 5 waking hours awake at home before the working cycle repeats.

Check this out, listen to the lyrics and hear the tragic cries of young undergraduates who refuse to be fettered by cubicles and shoe-box offices. Not quite close, but it's almost the #storyofmylife when I'm itching to go for a run or just chill at home.

When I graduate, I'll probably be returning to this wonderful, youthful and dynamic company for a career - or end up being a photojournalist or magazine writer instead (I'm still not going to give up on my novel). Because writing is thinking and I can't live without pushing my brains forward a little, every single day.

OH, did I mention multi-task? I have a piece of theory from the foggy scenes of a CNM lecture a long time ago - there is not much correlation between age per say and the ability to multitask. The trick is believing you're able to juggle all the digital gizmos and still be able to eat-sleep-run-walk-mug and do all sorts of stunts - and that includes filling your schedule up to the BRIM and still have the guts to squeeze in a thing or two at the very last minute.

Indeed, I'm a polychronic person who's a fool when it comes to multi-tasking - just look at the amount of things I actually imagine I can hold in both hands:

  1. Internship: Mon-Fri, 9Hrs 
  2. Short Film Production: Sat, half-a-day
  3. This crazy notion design a clothing collection for my Faculty RAG.
  4. SEP admin-work, loads of shit that should be fun, but because of arduously SLOW communication process, it's not fun anymore. People can't be so unhelpful - maybe because the staff ain't getting any rest when the students are supposedly "slacking".
  5. Exchange Scholarship/Bursary.
These are the official stuff - but I have in mind a whole lot of other things to do:

  1. Daily work out - POP pilates or Victoria's Secret ab workouts - whatever, I'll give a resounding NO to muffins.
  2. Daily read on the painfully slow transport home (you'll totally get it if you're a Singaporean). Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair, London Fashion, National Geo and News - I'll speed read through the Flipboard yummies and drink them all in. Latent memory should be of use at some point of time in the future.
  3. Guitar/Keyboard/Ukelele - Music IS life.
  4. Blog, Tumblr
  5. Needle Felt crafts
  6. Watch: Running Man, Barefoot Friends, WGM, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones. 
  7. Write my novel. 
Sighs, ain't nobody got time for that. 


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