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May 6, 2012


First Quarter* 

(*Hunger Games hangover)

I'm really terrible at making plans - first I founded this blog for Seoul, then I abandoned it for AGES! Shame on me! >:[

All right, I figured out this won't do, so I'm really determined to kill that lazy bug in me and start doing some serious research. Well, but there are more pressing matters at hand --- I'm in need of a hotel or hostel!
***not mentioning I need to start mugging for my statistics placement test in June? (I'll be thrown into a huge, GARGANTUAN dilemma when term results are out on 28th May 2012 ---to major or not to major --- beats me.)

With intelligence reports from my lovely mom, I've obtained possible candidates ...

Vision Hotel Seoul:
***the best candidate so far, it's near 동대문 (Dong Dae Mum)!

City Palace Hotel:
*Not as grand as Vision Hotel but near 동대문 as well

Yoo's Family Guest House:
*new guesthouse - but just look at the traditional layout! (public bath though)

HAHA House:
*pretty faraway from metro station, but the kind owner fetches his travellers personally from the metro station! 

City Guest House1:
*Location is a little tough to find...but reviews are pretty good! 

Seoul Tower Ville
*** At Myeong Dong, with view of Nan Sam Tower, interesting keepers :)


Second Quarter

Well, this would be my first time travelling so far away from the sunny island of Singapore without my family, and I'm really really really nervous that it won't turn out right!!! Because I'm a dorky writer I shall list out a few grandiloquent plans that may well be here just for the fluff. Teehee (It's 2.53am so I'm a bit high?)

1. Organise my own Running Man: Globe Trotters in  SEOUL CITY!!!
(Image from:

HAHA, that sounds a bit far-fetched doesn't it? Well, but it doesn't hurt to dream!
I can:

  • Make a really nice itinerary with a theme. (With all the travel essentials, packing lists and maps for good measure...)
  • Print mission cards! (On really cool nice papers)(Or compensate with nice fonts haha)(with maps and addresses for a blur student like me) (Food to hunt, deals to nail, interesting places to explore and kick-ass stuff to do in Seoul...)
  • Well, sounds like fun - and that means I need to kick start that rusty engine of mine and turn it to full throttle...
  • bind everything into a book (A5 size), with all the info. maps, with an envelope at the back of the book for all the receipts and what nots...  
2. Hmm, I guess there isn't a plan number 2 because this Running Man idea will be keeping me busy for a while?

3. Sighs, that means I need lots of time, money and resources...gonna sleep now, I've been chasing the Werglock for an entire day, now it's chasing me to sleep. zZZZzZZ


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