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May 8, 2013

Korea, See You in August!

One of my Instagram snapshots. Taken during a 3-week Summer Exchange.
Yes, this blog might just come to life this coming August! I had some thoughts about scrapping this blog and restarting another one but ah well, I guess I owe this blog one, since I wasn't able to post during my Language Immersion in Yonsei back last summer.

That said, I finally submitted my formal Student Exchange Program (SEP) online application to Korea University this Monday ㅎㅎㅎ and now I'm just overwhelmed  and swirling with a cocktail of excitement and anxiety because there's lots of preparation to do!

So today marks the beginning of my SEP preparation - I guess the SEP briefing really helped in many ways.

Some links that I took note of today:

Blogs of SEP Returnees

Korea International Student Association

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Visit Seoul

Possible Accommodations (Prospective Korea University Exchange Students)
What is 고시원 (Go Shi Won)

고시원 (Go Shi Won) Near Korea University

(I can't wait to go back to JK House in Hongdae though! There's still 3 months to plan!)

아이고 also marks the end of my freedom. My first ever internship begins tomorrow in town! I guess this 3-month break would be a fulfilling one. HWAITING!

In the mean time, it's time to kick start the regime of preserving my Korean Language skills - I'm serious ㅋㅋㅋ it's getting from bad to worse, though I confess I think in Korean sometimes.

Things I guess I'll REALLY be looking forward to this 3 months:

  • 아빠 어디가? Dad, Where are you going? (If you love heartwarming and hilarious variety shows- AND you absolutely LOVE Korean Kids, this has to be on your list this season! It has become kind of a "Family Thing" - I can't watch this without my siblings now! Each parent-child couple has their own amazing personas that WILL grow on you.) 
  • Jin Woon and Jun Hee's We Got Married! (After Julian Kang, Kwang Hee and Lee Joon's WGM ended, this is the only couple that keeps me watching! Hahaha, WGM has its ups and downs too.) 
  • Barefoot Friends  (The first episode takes place in Vietnam, our Barefoot Friends would have to live and work like a Vietnamese for 24 hours! Kim Hyun Joong's return to variety really came as a pleasant surprise, he' 4-dimensional as ever?)
  • Once Upon a Time by ABC Production, Season 2 - if I ever get the chance to be a script writer in the Fantasy Genre, I would totally love to meet OUAT's production team :D 

Happy Holidays! <3 


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