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Mar 3, 2012

Pre-Flight-Booking Follow-ups: Budget Airlines are not always Budget

"Get a hold on yourself!" The Ink Pot lamented, "You still have so much things to do!"


As I promised myself, this blog is meant solely for travelling. This would be a great place to record all the adventures and misadventures before, during and after my trip to Seoul! Subsequently, I may use it to record random writings and stuff because I highly doubt I would be travelling after the 3 month break and return from Seoul.

Anyway, I believe I've found another alternative airline to begin my journey with! Yesterday I forward an inquiry to SIA with regards to extending the "maximum 14 days" to 3 weeks so as to accommodate the educational program. Unfortunately (as expected) I was unable to do so and was offered a "Sweet 2 Go" tickets. Well, no confetti shower and yays, this dashed all hopes of beginning and ending my journey with SIA because the "alternative sweet deal" would cost me SGD1200++! But one commendable side of SIA is that they responded my inquiry with absolute speed. Cheers for the local air line!

Then my super efficient 어머니 realised that apart from SIA, almost all airlines have no straight flight to Seoul. This means for Air Asia, I would have to depart in the afternoon, get a transit at K.L airport (transit may last 2-4hours) and I'll only reach Seoul at night (after ~11hours worth of flight). In other words, the original plan would cost me up to one-day worth of time. Sounds like an unproductive journey for someone who's dying to utilize the full 3 weeks or more in Korea!

AND (Yes, prescriptive grammar states no "and" or "but" should be allowed to kick start a sentence. But I have tons of evidence from renowned novelists that sticking to just prescriptive grammar alone is a plain sign of inflexibility.) if I do end up booking the ticket from a budget airline, I'll need to pay the additional taxes, fares and surcharges on so forth. It's not really budget, really.

I'm currently checking up Air China (not budget) and apparently they have some awesome deals too! SGD645 for a 2-way ticket to Seoul, no maximum stay, all taxes, fares and surcharges included and date of travel lasts until 30 June, PERFECT! Plus, we get to fly off at midnight (transit at Beijing International Airport for 2hours, sleep all the way) and arrive at Seoul in the morning! This literally translates to a more efficient use of time!

Hmm, I shall have a word with my 선생님 on Monday before booking the tickets. There's so many burning questions to clarify!

That's all for now, I have a linguistics test and a Korean one next week *sniffs* 아자 아자 화이팅!
 - 8:40pm (I give up, can't change the blogger time)


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