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Jul 31, 2013

UP and Coming Travel Journal - I'll be Exporting The Wandering Quill to another Domain

Editor's Note:
Dear Readers
The Wandering Quill has been moved

Please lookout for THE JENALLAGE though it's under renovation right now.

I've been deciding whether I should change my 

BLOG TITLE (The Wandering Quill)

or Both, 

I realised (my) The Wandering Quill does have some rankings when I Googled it, though it can't possibly outrank the website that had already called itself the Wandering Quill dot com and the Wandering Quill blog spot dot com. 

This is one hard lesson learnt. (on the 30th July 2013)

Which is why I've decided it's time to move on, and move the voice of The Wandering Quill ( to another page in which I'll start filling the site up while travel-blogging in Korea (I'll be there in less than 20 days' time). 

This webpage would remain here for long (hence no one shall be able to claim my pen-name (both Liastoria Alestera and Li'az Teira)( I came up with them as a kid and it's original and all rights to it belongs to me.)

I would be exporting some of the posts to the new site too!

Love you, good old folks, I see some of you coming all the way from Canada, US and Iceland! 


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